Success with the highest standards

Martin Kurschel, born in Graz, is one of Austria's leading real estate developers. As an industrial entrepreneur, Kurschel stands for innovation, quality awareness and optimal processes. With these high standards, the trained mechanical engineer and operating technician has been successfully dedicating himself to the real estate industry for around twenty years.

Martin Kurschel is the founder, principal shareholder and managing director of MMOVATE and owner of IRMA Investments. Before entering the real estate business, Kurschel successfully restructured an agricultural machinery manufacturer in his Styrian home, a province of Austria.

Thanks to his many years of experience and his technically trained entrepreneurial thinking, Martin Kurschel has had a decisive influence on IMMOVATE since its foundation in 2005 and has implemented projects worth 1.5 billion euros. In addition to his work for the development company, Kurschel founded the real estate investment company IRMA Investments as sole owner in 2016. Since then, IRMA Investments has been dedicated to selected, high-calibre hotel and commercial projects.

The entrepreneurial interest of the Styrian has always extended far beyond the real estate sector. Apart from his core business, Martin Kurschel holds numerous patents and technology investments in Austria, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands.


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