Career beginnings

Martin Kurschel was born on 24 January 1969 in Graz. After training as a mechanical engineer and industrial technician at the technical college of the Höhere Technische Bundeslehranstalt (HTL) Weiz in 1988, he completed military service in the Jägerbataillon 25 of the Austrian Armed Forces.

Subsequently, he started his professional life as a technical employee for vehicle construction in the engineering office of the company ‘Peters’. The change to the agricultural machinery company Johann Nußmüller KG was to have a lasting impact on Martin Kurschel and his future career. Initial successes as Eastern European sales manager for agricultural and municipal technology paved the way for the future entrepreneur. When the company, which specialised in the development, production and sale of agricultural and municipal commercial vehicles, finally had to file for insolvency in 1994, Martin Kurschel and two other colleagues took over and realigned the company.

Industrial history

The company, operating under the new name RASANT Land- und Kommunaltechnik GmbH, now focuses on research and development of machines, production of vehicles and accessories as well as service, supply of spare parts and worldwide sales. Within three years the number of employees increased from 15 to 150. The considerable success was not least due to innovative new developments such as steep-slope equipment carriers, which made mechanical farming on slopes possible in the first place and which are still in use today. In addition, four patents were registered under Kurschel's leadership.

After five years with sales doubling annually, the successfully restructured and repositioned company was sold in 1998 to the Swiss Aebi as an innovative market leader in the German-speaking region, which in turn merged in 2017 to form the Aebi-Schmidt-Gruppe fusionierte. Two years later, Martin Kurschel stepped out of the industrial/technical sector and took on new professional challenges.

Real estate

Kurschel used a short period of timeout to reorient his career, which led him into the real estate business. After initial beginnings with developments with his own investments, the entrepreneur set a new professional milestone with the founding of the real estate development company IMMOVATE in 2005. Kurschel soon expanded from Graz to the capital city Vienna. The company succeeded in entering the Viennese real estate business through a large purchase of inner-city properties worth around 100 million euros. In the following years, the expansion of IMMOVATE took its course. Among others, Martin Kuschel was able to win over the founder of the New Yorker fashion chain, Tilmar Hansen, as the second main shareholder.

During the planning, development and construction of the projects, Martin Kurschel was able to apply his technical approach to the great benefit of IMMOVATE and its shareholders and partners. He is responsible for the management and strategic orientation of the company. Since IMMOVATE was founded, he has implemented projects in Austria and abroad with a total investment volume of more than 1.5 billion euros as main shareholder and managing director.

In addition to his work for the development company, Kurschel founded the real estate investment company IRMA Investments as sole owner in 2016. Since then, IRMA Investments has been dedicated to selected, high-calibre and high-yield hotel and commercial projects. Martin Kurschel has big plans for the future. The IRMA-IMMOVATE group of companies is to expand further inthe coming years - also beyond Austria.

Diverse interests

The entrepreneurial interest of the Styrian has always extended far beyond the real estate sector. Apart from his core business, Martin Kurschel holds numerous patents and technology investments in Austria, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands. In addition, he devotes himself to the development of new products for medical technology - and has set up a private laboratory specifically for this purpose.

Private life

Martin Kurschel is married and has three children.